• Amanda Welch

Birds by Mail

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Huckleberry Quail started out as a way to send friends some cheer during such an uncertain and isolated time. I began to paint birds that reminded me of someone, or inspired by them, and then set them on their way to land on doorsteps and in mailboxes. My interest in birds, combined with my love of cyanotypes came together to create these one of a kind birds.

Cyanotypes use a solar reactive pigment, painted on just like watercolors, then exposed to the sun. Wherever the sun reaches, turns blue. It is a process older than photography, and used by one of the first female botanists of her time, Anna Atkins. Taking inspiration from her and the nature around me, I use plants grown in my yard from flowers to grasses and fruit plants.

I haven't yet added machine stitching to these little pieces, like a lot of my other cyanotypes, but you can expect to see the results in my next blog post!

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